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Musea Canada
The canadian museum of civilization is canada's national museum of human history and the most popular and most-visited museum in canada. it is located in the hull sector of gatineau, quebec, directly across the ottawa river from canada's parliament buildings in ottawa, ontario. it is also home to the canadian children's museum, the virtual museum of new france, the canadian postal museum and the imax theatre with 3d capacity.

The canadian war museum (cwm) is canada’s national museum of military history. located in ottawa, ontario, the museum covers all facets of canada’s military past, from the first recorded instances of death by armed violence in canadian history several thousand years ago to the country’s most recent involvement in conflicts. the cwm also houses the military history research centre, a leading library and archival research facility, and a large collection of some 500,000 artifacts, including uniforms, medals, weapons, war art, aircraft, military vehicles and artillery. the cwm is part of the canadian museum of civilization corporation, which also operates the canadian museum of civilization, the canadian children's museum, the canadian postal museum, and the virtual museum of new france.

The royal ontario museum increases understanding of world cultures and natural history through its collections, programs and courses, special events, exhibitions and research.

Museevirtuel Virtualmuseum
Museevirtuel Virtualmuseum

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National Gallery of Canada
National Gallery of Canada

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